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The FASA Contractors’ Knowledge Depot is your one-stop shop for tools to manage your construction subcontracting business. Members of the American Subcontractors Association receive a discount off the cover price for all titles.
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The Contractors Subcontractors Education Catalog has great resources from the Foundation of ASA, such as live webinars, books, and videos-on-demand, and much more.

Attend ASA CALIFORNIA MEETINGS -They are open to members:   

Teleconference: Friday - November 14, 2014 - 11:30 a.m.

    Contact Jordi Grant
for more information.
For meetings in your area contact your local chapter.
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ASAC Health Plans Pay ASAC and Your Local Chapter!
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The Blue Book

Convert your STATE FUND Workers Compensation plan from an individual policy to the ASAC group program and
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 ASAC has established a retirement plan in which you as a member can participate.
The retirement plan is custom designed to meet your needs. 401K, Pension, SEP and Defined Benefit Plans are all available.
We offer most major no load funds in our pension and 401k plans. Whether you have an existing retirement plan or are considering establishing a plan, ASAC can help. Please contact our Benefits Administrator David Hodges.

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ASAC's Assembly Bill 1705 Signed by Governor!

In January of this year ASAC asked Assembly Member Das Williams (D, Santa Barbara) to author a bill that would close a loophole that was inadvertently created by another bill last session and which harmed subcontractors. We're very grateful that he championed the bill which Governor Brown just signed.

That former bill, Senate Bill 293, limited retention to 5% on public projects. That is however, unless the project was deemed to be "sufficiently complex". Theoretically, a complex project would assume more risk. Also, that bill's retention cap policy was to expire in 2016.

But, no sooner did that bill become effective then small school districts began declaring routine and simple projects to be "sufficiently complex" (SC) and thereby getting more than 5% retainage.

AB 1705 corrected this intentional evasion of the legislature's intent. 1705 requires that the bid documents include details explaining the basis for the project owner's finding that a project is "SC", in addition to the actual retention amount. The owner shall also describe why it is a unique project that is not regularly, customarily, or routinely performed by the agency or licensed contractors. In addition, we extended the policy of 5% retention until 2018.

During the hearing process, several public agencies reappeared to fight 1705 and the 5% cap. But, they were merely fighting the same old battle which they lost when SB 293 was going through the legislature. So, subcontractors prevailed.

This is an example of ASAC taking the initiative to represent all sub-trades, both union and merit shop companies. ASAC was very capably helped by NECA and CalSMACNA which offered to co-sponsor the bill. In addition, ASAC member companies responded to our grassroots alert; you can see their names below. The industry teamwork paid off!

Consider attending ASAC's next Chapter meeting to learn more. Visit to connect to your local chapter!

Click here for a bill fact sheet.

These companies sent letters to the Governor and copied ASAC:

AGA - Architectural Glass & Aluminum
Ahlborn Fence & Steel Inc.
Ahlborn Structural Steel Inc.
Anchor Construction Specialties Inc.
Associated Roofing Contractors of the Bay Area Counties Inc.
Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems Inc.
Bergelectric Corp.
Best Contracting Services Inc.
California Erectors Inc.
Carlile - Macy
Case Pacific Company
Chapman Coast Roof Company Inc.
Construction Preliens & Paperwork
CS Marine Constructors Inc.
Cupertino Electric Inc.
Dowdle & Sons Mechanical Inc.
Dynamic Precast Company Inc.
Eagle Electric
Eberhard Company
Edwards Glass & Aluminum
Enterprise Roofing Service Inc.
Fabric Wallcraft of California Inc.
Franciscan Glass Company Inc.
Giroux Glass
Golden Belt Coatings Inc.
Hansel Bros. Enterprises
Heinaman Contract Glazing
Highland Commercial Roofing
HUB Construction Supplies & Equipment
J&M Concrete Contractors
KBI Painting Contractors Inc.
Kyne Construction Inc.
Lincoln Glass & Mirror
Los Angeles Painting & Finishing Contractors Association
Magik Glass and Door
Mason Contractors Association of California Inc.
Masonry Concepts Inc.
McLennon Law Corporation
MK Pipelines Inc.
Muhlhauser Steel Inc.
Northern California Glass Management Association
Northern California Painting & Finishing Contractors
Painting & Decorating Contractors of California
Partition Specialties Inc.
Pike Heating & Air Conditioning
Raymond Group
Redwood Painting Company Inc.
RT Western Inc.
Santa Barbara Glass Company
SDC Architectural Solutions
Seawright Custom Precast Inc.
Sierra Woodworking
Surety Associates of Southern California
Union Roofing Contractors Association
Walters & Wolf
Western Fire Protection Inc.

(Updated October 5, 2014)

Stop Notice timing has been affected by a recent California court case. Your company will need to comply with new procedures!

ASA and ASAC recently submitted to the California Supreme Court a request it review a recent California Court of Appeals ruling in Golden State Boring & Pipe Jacking, Inc. v. Eastern Municipal Water District.

This ruling changes the Stop Notice procedure and is of critical importance to all subcontractor and suppliers.

This message in complete form was sent Friday, September 26, 2014 to all ASAC Members and Affiliates. If you did not receive it and are a member of the association or an affiliated organization, please contact us for the full message via e-mail at

If you would like to become an ASA member and be "in the know" please fill out an send in a. membership application.

Online registration for SUBExcel 2015 — March 26-29, 2015, in Seattle — is now available through the ASA Web site.

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Open to all ASA Members

ASAC Government Relations Committee (GRC)

Your opportunity to provide input to ASAC Legislative movements.

Teleconference: Friday - November 14, 2014 - 11:30 a.m.

Contact Executive Director Jordi Grant to get involved!

(Updated September 27, 2014)

ASAC Appreciates YOUR Help!

Once again as we work in a very active legislative session, ASAC leaders anticipate your doing your part, helping our Subcontractor community when we ask for your letters and phone calls.

Remember -- We only ask when we truly believe your efforts will be influential in determining the direction a bill or movement heads.

Those efforts do make a difference! There's strength in numbers!!!!!

Brett Eckles
ASAC President
Eckles Construction Inc.
Daniel McLennon, Esq.
ASAC Government Relations Chair
McLennon Law Corporation

ASAC - Leading Construction Subcontractors to Equitable Legislation in California

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